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I’m using Kenko as a patient


How do I get access to Kenko as a patient?

An organisation will create a user and provide you access to Kenko as a patient. Future versions will allow individual use however currently all patient users are via a health organisation.


Where is my data stored and who can see it?

Your data is stored in an Amazon Web Services data centre and
in most cases this is in your country of residence. Sensitive data is encrypted in the database at rest and only organisations you are associated with can see this data via our Clinician Cloud – you can read more in our privacy & security.


Where can I download the Patient @ Home app?

You can download the Patient mobile app via Apple App Store or Google Play Store – note as above a health organisation will need to issue you a login and you will need the appropriate bluetooth medical devices.

I’m using Kenko as a clinician/org

Is Kenko available globally?

Yes, Kenko is available all over the world and we can host your
instance in any AWS data centre / region to ensure HIPAA.
Alternatively we can also connect to your own hosted database.


What is your pricing model?

We have various pricing models depending on your organisation type; i.e. public or private hospital, aged-care, regional care, general practice or other healthcare provider or insurer; all are based on a yearly fee structure that can be paid annually or monthly. Contact us to discuss.


How secure is our data?

Kenko follows HIPAA compliance at a code / platform level
and uses only AWS HIPAA compliant services, read more here.


What medical devices do you support?

Kenko supports medical grade bluetooth devices from a variety of manufactures currently including AND and Vivalink.

We also integrate with Apple Health Kit and Google Fit.

These devices and integrations gather data for Blood Pressure, Weight, Oxygen, ECG, Temperature, Steps/Activity and more.

We can integrate with other device manufacturers on request.

As a fallback we also allow manual entry for each of these health data points by patients where bluetooth devices are not available or if manual existing devices are preferred; manual readings are highlighted as MANUAL in our Clinician Cloud.


Can we get data out of Kenko via a secure API?

Yes, Kenko provides organisations with secure access to your organisations own
patient data via a FHIR API for integration with other internal software such as EMR/EHR’s.